How Do I Last Longer In Bed – Naturally


Are you asking yourself questions like: Can I be cured of premature ejaculation? How do I last longer in bed? is there someone, or something, out there they can help me? I know how you feel. I know your frustration, because I struggled with these same questions.

I strongly suggest you keep reading. This is my true story, normally not something I share but today, I will.

First you should know you are not alone. Many men have this problem just like you and me. I solved it and so can you. Let’s be honest though – there are no 100% guarantees – you may not succeed on the first attempt, but this worked for many men, including friends of mine.

Until two years ago, this issue destroyed all of my relationships with women. My ex-girlfriends were all very sweet and understanding. They could handle my issues for the first few months, but not forever. They simply couldn’t see this going on for the rest of their lives. And you can guess what happened – We always broke up. Sadly none of my relationships ever even made it to their first anniversary. Maybe I sound like a child, but I badly wanted to celebrate an anniversary.

I began to wonder if this has to be curable. It had to be. Right?

I started Looking for an answer, scouring the internet, reading books, buying “miracle cure”, – and learning weird, nonsensical techniques. Tip like: the Start-Stop technique, holding your penis for a few seconds before ejaculating (that hurts, by the way), doing Kegel exercises and many others -maybe they work for some men, but they didn’t work for me. I almost gave up, thinking this was my karma, “bad genes”, or something unknown.

Determined to find a solution, I continued my search until one day I saw a small advertisement on Google about a book. I had seen this before, but this time, I reconsidered, when I saw they offered a 60-day, money back guarantee.

If they were offering me a money back guarantee, I thought, there is nothing to worry about. I gave it a shot and to my surprise, I found the book filled with totally new content and new methods, I had never seen or heard before.

The next day I couldn’t wait for my girlfriend to come home from work. I hadn’t told her about the book and can you guess what happened?

My life changed completely that day!

I couldn’t believe how well it worked! My Girlfriend’s eyes spoke volumes. For the first time in my life, I had an erection that lasted 9-10 minutes. No world record, but for me – unbelievable. Before that day, my erections lasted than 2 minutes!

After applying all the methods shown in the book, my erections now last more than 18 minutes this has meant a totally new life for me. For the first time I celebrated a first year anniversary with my girlfriend, a moment I waited years for.

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Ejac guru

If you have this problem, you need to get a copy of the book entitled “Ejaculation Guru” by Jack Grave. He wrote this guide not only to share his knowledge, but also to help men solve their premature ejaculation problem.

In the book, you will learn:

  • Step-by-step procedures on how to solve your premature ejaculation
  • Why early ejaculation takes place
  • The different sex positions that can trigger early ejaculation
  • Various sex positions to avoid premature orgasm
  • The different techniques that add long-lasting bed experiences
  • Various sex methods that most porn stars do
  • Multiple tips on how to control hormones, to last longer in bed

Learning how to stop premature ejaculation is difficult. Let Jack Grave teach you the answers to your questions.

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Using “The Tap” To Last Longer and Overcome P.E

Using “The Tap” To Last Longer and Overcome P.E

OK, so here’s a really cool trick to last longer in bed, overcome P.E. and therefore giving your lover more
satisfaction in bed. When you find yourself approaching orgasm and you want to reclaim some stamina, do the following…

Withdraw from being inside your lover and firmly (within reason obviously) tap the tip of your penis on
her clitoris several times. (Clitoris 101 – The clitoris is a collection of highly sensitive nerve endings found just above the entrance to a woman’s vagina and just below the outer labia-it’s about the size of a pea.)

Here’s why this technique is so powerful…

The main benefit is in helping you last longer in bed. Sure, it’s kind of an interesting sensation for the woman, but there are many other more effective ways to stimulate your lover…The real benefit of this technique is to help boost your stamina.

Here’s why it works so well…

When you tap the end of your penis on her clitoris you it acts as a “pattern interrupt”. In other words, it jolts your body out of its current rhythm. One of the things that lead to early orgasm is when
you lose control of your arousal and stimulation and you metaphorically end up rolling down a hill out of
control until at the bottom you reach orgasm. Well to carry on this metaphor, this process is like rolling into a bag of cushions half way down the hill.

It carefully catches you before you build up too much momentum and pass the point of no return to
reaching orgasm.

Now the reason why it works and my explanation of why it works isn’t what’s important. What matters is that this is a great technique for helping you reset your stamina and last longer in bed. Give it a shot and I guarantee it’ll help you out.

Oh, and if you’d like to discover more techniques
for lasting longer in bed and getting COMPLETE
control over your orgasms then be sure to WATCH THIS VIDEO

Sex Position For Multi-Orgasm

Today I want to share with you an awesome sex position. I’m a huge fan of this position, because it gives you the chance to give your lover what I call a SIMULTANEOUS orgasm.

orgasm tante

What’s a simultaneous orgasm?

It’s when a woman experiences two different types of orgasms at the same time. Here’s what I’m talking about… The position I’m about to share with you gives you the opportunity to stimulate both her Clitoris and inner vagina at the same time… Giving you the opportunity to give her both a Clitoral orgasm and a vaginal orgasm simultaneously. How does the position work? Well, it’s actually pretty simple.

Here’s how it goes…

It’s a modified version of the popular position “Reverse Cow Girl” Reverse cow girl is when you, as the man, lie on your back, and your lover rides you, while facing away from you. Now how the modification works is firstly you need to sit up. You may want to do this with the help of support from the top of the bed, some cushions or whatever is convenient. You can use your hands if you like, however, this can get tiring with what I’m about to explain…

Once you’re in a sitting up position that gives you the opportunity to reach your arm around her and then stimulate her Clitoris while having sex with her at the same time.

(Crash course on the Clitoris if you’re not familiar

– it’s small and pea sized, found just above the

opening of the vagina and below the outer lips

and is very sensitive so don’t over stimulate,

especially at the start of stimulation)

And there you have it. You can now stimulate two incredibly powerful pleasure points on your lover simultaneously. Now you may have tried this technique before or you may not, no matter what your level of experience is with this approach, give it a go. And if you’ve done it before, take it to the next level. Pay close attention to your lover’s reactions throughout and adjust accordingly. Experiment with different combinations of thrusting styles, stimulation speeds and so forth until you hit that golden spot where she reaches ecstasy and new levels of pleasure. This sex position and technique has so much potential, just be aware it may take a little practice to get the execution right for your lover.

To discover more sex positions as well as other techniques for lasting longer in bed, preventing early orgasm and giving your lover more sexual satisfaction check out this link:

My Powerful Trick – To Last Longer In Bed

“Stimulation Control” – To Last Longer In Bed

female orgasm

Today I want to share with you a very powerful trick… Well this trick actually I take from the book entitle “Ejaculation Guru” I hope this trick will help you for lasting longer in bed and give your lover more satisfaction in bed.

Use this to its full effect and you should easily be able to add 5, 10 or even 30 minutes to how long you last so you can start giving your lover much more intense orgasms.

OK, so here’s what this concept is called…
“Stimulation Control”.

Here’s how Stimulation Control works. It’s about the stimulation you receive, not give.
And it’s built on this fact about the male anatomy.  Stimulation to different areas of the penis  lead to different orgasm times.

In other words, when certain areas of the penis are stimulated you are more likely to orgasm quickly than if other areas are stimulated. For example, the tip of the penis, also known as the Glans, is the most sensitive part. This area is densely covered with nerve endings, therefore if stimulation is focused on this area the chances of you orgasming quickly are increased significantly.

However, if stimulation is focused on other areas, such as the base of the penis, then you’ll be able to last much longer, now at this stage you’re probably beginning to guess what Stimulation Control is all about.

It’s about diverting the stimulation you receive away from your most sensitive and orgasm triggering areas to the less sensitive areas.

How do you do this? Well the biggest challenge is just awareness. Just knowing that having certain areas stimulated causes faster orgasm than other areas and acting on this knowledge can help you to last significantly longer in bed…

For example… if you’re having sex in a certain way and you feel like it’s causing you to orgasm quickly then once you remember that stimulation to different parts of the penis cause different levels of stamina all you have to do is divert stimulation away from the sensitive areas.

One way you could do this would be by thrusting deep and staying deep. The deeper part of a woman’s vagina produces far less stimulation than the first 1-2 inches, therefore by thrusting deep and maintaining your depth, you’ll be able to significantly reduce how much stimulation you experience, helping you last longer, while still giving her a ton of pleasure.

Now this is just one way you can use this concept of Stimulation Control, like I’ve already mentioned, just being aware of its existence will inspire you to start having sex in new and different ways to help you last a whole lot longer naturally.

I should mention at this point that there are also a whole host of other tricks and techniques like this for lasting longer in bed. Tricks, which, when all used together give you complete orgasm control, so you can last as long as you want and therefore get you to give your lover orgasm after orgasm.

What Does It Really Take To Last Longer In Bed?

how do i last longer in bed

What does it really take to last long in bed?
-Good genetics?

-Not being sensitive “down there”?

-Your lover to do certain things in bed?

-Having a big “you-know-what”?

-Having the right medication, cream or gadgets?

The truth is that it takes NONE of those things.

The SECRET to lasting long in bed lies in what you do during sex. It lies in the techniques you use, the way you approach certain sex positions, the specific things you think about, your thrusting style and many other factors that few men will ever understand.

In fact, figuring out exactly what to do from scratch, on your own, to last long in bed is hard.
This is why so few men are able to last long and deeply satisfy women. I’m sure you’re aware of some of the studies that have found most women fake their orgasms on a regular basis.

This happens because working out what to do to last long in bed and give women intense orgasms is tough. It took me years to figure it out myself, involving tons of pain, struggle and rejection.

Anyway, what this all means is that if you want to last longer in bed, you need to approach sex differently. Instead of letting your instincts rule you, try my first trick to last longer in bed I took from a book entitle “Ejaculation Guru”

How do I last longer in bed? – Enjoy taking things slowly.

I know this can be a difficult challenge as a man, but it does have its rewards .Because when you take things slowly it gives your body the opportunity to adapt to the unique and highly pleasurable sensations of a woman’s vagina.

See, when you do the opposite and immediately enter and start thrusting at full speed your body often gets overwhelmed with all the pleasure and as a result early orgasm occurs. So try fighting that urge to go fast initially. And you’ll be surprised how much longer you’ll be
able to last.

Plus, once your body’s got used to the unique sensation of being inside a woman, you’ll then be
able to thrust hard and fast much more easily without blowing early. Now, there’s also another added benefit to this trick. And that is that most women love this approach to sex too. From the woman’s perspective, when you take your time and use this approach to sex it creates anticipation inside of her. It makes her long for you to go to the next step, and the emotions she experiences while anticipating your next step make her sexual pleasure significantly more intense. Try this out and let me know how it works out for you